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Please contact Fay. Email: Telephone: (03) 9305 6901 Postal Address: P.O. Box 220, Craigieburn Victoria 3064 Have A Question? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions below. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I join? Simply print out and complete the “Application for Membership” form below, and come along to the Club with a $110 cash payment to cover your yearly membership (apart from the $2 per week Training Fees). Application for Membership (pdf, 11kb) How old does my dog have to be to start? As long as your dog has a "final vaccination certificate" (usually given at about three months of age) which is still current i.e. the dog is NOT  due for any further needles, you can bring him along. If your dog's vaccination is NOT current, just go along to your local vet, and get a new needle, then bring the pup to training. There's NO NEED TO BOOK, just come along with your dog, collar, leash and vaccination certificate - we'll take it from there. How long before my dog is fully trained?  That depends entirely upon you. If you pay attention to what you are being told, and if you come along regularly and do your "homework", your dog will be capable of working "off leash" with only hand signals (rather than verbal commands) within 3 months. Remember, we do NOT train dogs, we train HANDLERS to teach their own dogs. Why do I need to pay the Insurance levy?  This insurance levy is only required for non-members of the Victorian Canine Association (VCA or “Dogs Victoria”), in other words if you are already a financial member of the VCA or ‘Dogs Victoria” you DO NOT need to pay this levy. The insurance is required for Public Liability purposes whilst you are a member of the Craigieburn Dog Obedience Group. This is a requirement of the VCA or ‘Dogs Victoria” and the costs are outside of our control. Is my dog too old to train? Usually not, but this depends on how long the dog has been left with no training or discipline. It may take a little longer to train an older dog, but this is up to the Handler to determine, and to persevere with his/her animal. What will I learn? Class 1 (approx 6 hours)   Dog Heeling on Loose Leash, Sit, Stand, Come, Stay Class 2 (approx 6 hours)   Advanced Heeling, Down, Left About Turn Class 3 (approx 6 hours)   Introduction to Leash Removal, Non-verbal Commands Class 4 (approx 6 hours)   Distance Control, Food Refusal, Retrieving, Agility, etc  Can my child/children train the dog? Yes! But the child MUST be old enough to follow simple directions, and MUST be sufficiently co-ordinated, and strong enough to control an excitable dog. We recommend that an adult do the initial training, and then pass on their knowledge to the child, during "homework" sessions. Do we use food? Not usually, although we do not object to animals being rewarded with "nibblies" for exceptional performance.
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